Nursery 08/07/19

The 16th is our sports day, pleas don’t forget your water bottles, hats and sun cream!

The 17th is International day and we will be going around the school looking at different countries.

The 19th is our Nursery Graduation it starts at 11 and all children will receive a certificate.


We are talking about adventures next week, so could you get your child to talk about an adventure they have been on. Maybe even bring in a photograph of the adventure, it could be to the park,  camping or a trip to a beach.

Next Week’s Learning

Next week we are looking at the book Row your boat, it’s all about an adventure 2 children have while rowing their boat. We will be talking about how much water we would need for our own adventure, which container holds more water and why.

We will be talking about different ways we can get places and where we would go on our own adventures. We will be drawing the person we wish to travel with and painting some animals we might find on our trip.

This Week’s Learning

In the maths area we were talking about the different time of day, and when we do different activities. Discussing morning, afternoon, and night if we do things before or after other activities.

We had lots of fun outside, doing bug hunts and building different things.

We did lots of colouring and made all sorts of things in the creative are and with play doh.