Nursery 14/01/19

Another week gone for our Nursery! Have a great weekend, please don’t forget those Tapestry forms so we can start showing you how much fun we have at nursery every day.

This Week’s Learning

This week in Nursery we were looking at the story Cinderella, so all of our activities were based around it.

We were counting over in the water area with the fish, seeing how many you could get out of the water and what number fish you had caught. There is also the song that goes along with it, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive which was being hummed and spontaneously sung all week.

The girls were making birthday cakes for a toy, counting and singing over in the play dough area.

The castles were a big hit and allowed the children to retell the story using the toys in our class.

There was also a lot of dressing up and cleaning from the small world area.

The children enjoyed going to the Ball at the end of the week, where everyone was dancing to lots of different songs.

More counting and matching over in the maths area and outside.


Thank  you so much for helping do the homework last week the children enjoyed telling Ms Napper about helping out at home.

Next week is Goldilocks and the 3 bears so for homework could we ask the children to assist their parents in the kitchen cooking, because we are making porridge next week.

Next week’s Learning.

Next week in Nursery we are looking at Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We will have counting bears, making bear masks, writing apology letters to the bears and of course making porridge.