Nursery 18/03/19

It’s been another great week!

Just like to remind everyone about the parent teacher meeting on the 4th of April and the Easter Bunny visit on the 3rd!

Please also remember that the children have access to outside space at all times so please provide adequate clothing as they all love to explore the outdoor environment.

Next Week’s Learning

Next week in Nursery we are reading Walking through the Jungle which is about the different ways of moving and what we might see in the jungle environment.

We will be finding lots of different animals and putting them in size order, as well and acting out the story. We will be making lots of pictures, writing our names, reading many stories and sharing with our friends.

For maths we are counting objects and thinking about one more and one less.


The story for next week is Walking through the Jungle, we are making sock puppets to use in class. If you could you please find a sock and splash a bit of colour and some googly eyes? (Brown paper bags are also good!) Have fun!

This Week’s Learning

This week in Nursery we were looking at the Very Noisy Bear! We were talking about and playing all sorts different instruments.

We were counting out different animals and making teddy bear colour patterns

We were making lots of different paintings with sticks and cutting paper for many pieces of art.

We played so many instruments and had lots of tea parties with the rice. Describing the way the rice feels and comparing it to other textures.

As always in nursery we were reading so many different stories and playing with our friends!

Star of the Week!

The star of the week is Layla-Rose for being enthusiastic and consistent with her learning! You have done amazing writing this week good job!