Reception 17/1/20

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Come and Be Nosy. The feedback was amazing, we will you know when the next one will be. There have been a few suggestions of what you would like to see, but if you have any ideas let a member of the team know.

We are changing our PE day to Wednesday. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school.

We are now using the apparatus so it is important that children are wearing appropriate clothing, hair is tied back and earrings are covered or taken out.

Have a great weekend

The Reception Team

This Week’s Learning

Thank you so much to all the parents that came to the Come and Be Nosy session, the children really enjoyed showing all the resources and activities related to maths.

We also had lots of fun making part, part, whole model machines, using fruit, bricks and even ourselves. You can watch the fruit salad machine episode from number blocks on Youtube.

Thank you for all the fantastic show and tell objects from home, we have learnt so much from each other about planets, the solar system, telescopes, how we get to the moon and what astronauts wear. Fantastic knowledge and understanding!

In PE we were really good at following instructions to make sure we used the equipment safely. We learnt how to climb up and jump down from the horse, you must land on two feet and bend your knees.

Next Week’s Learning

Next week we will be reading the story of Bob the Man on the Moon.

We are working on retelling the story and writing our own stories.

In Maths we are working on addition problems and using mathematical language to solve number problems. We are thinking of our own ways to record our answers.

In PE we are developing our gross motor skills and using the equipment to climb up and jump down in different ways.