Maths – In maths we will be investigating 5. What makes 5, recognising the numeral, subitising and making groups of five, counting and drawing. We will be looking for 5 in the environment and using the maths resources to identify, make and represent 5.

We will also be introducing adding and subtracting numbers 1-5 as a next step from identifying one more, one less.

Phonics – Our phonics sounds this week will be j,v,y,w. We will practise reading and writing these on their own and in CVC words.

Topic – We will be focusing on the story If I built a House. We will be thinking about where we live and how we could design our own houses.

P.E. – We will continue our focus on ball skills, building our confidence and skills with throwing and catching different sized balls. We will be practising spatial awareness and gross motor skills as we move around the hall in different ways. We are working on our active listening skills and following instructions.