This week in Maths the children investigated the number 4. We practised our counting, identified the numeral and groups of 4 in the environment, one more, one less. We learnt how 4 can be represented and practised explaining our thinking to our peers.

Ask the children to tell you what they know about 4.

In Phonics we have looked at the phonemes l, h, sh and r. We have practised our letter formation, phoneme recognition, blending using these sounds and had a go at writing some words using the phonemes we have learnt so far.

In Topic this week we looked at the story Peace at Last. In the story Daddy Bear is trying to sleep but as he moves from room to room different noises keep him from getting to sleep. He finally gets back to his room and off to sleep in peace when the alarm wakes him up! We have practised retelling the story, identifying the characters and retelling the story in sequence, testing out our acting skills to support us.

Additionally we have been doing an Autumn investigation, exploring objects we had found in nature. We have had the investigation table out all week and have been enjoying getting a closer look at things through the magnifying glasses at leaves, twigs, conkers etc. We even cut open a pumpkin!

Ask the children what they discovered.

In P.E this week we have continued to practise spatial awareness, following directions, and moving in different ways. We have now become more confident with our ball skills and can know roll, throw and catch with greater accuracy.