For homework this week please trace over the phonemes and say the sound after you write it.

The rhymes are included to assist with letter formation:

Don’t forget to read together every evening. Please read our school book at least once and share stories from home, noting in your child’s book when you have done so.


For homework please find the Percy story on you tube and listen to Percy’s Snowy Night. Go on a Wintery walk and talk about the weather, what changes can you see?


Our homework this week is to go shopping!

Please can everyone buy a piece of fruit and bring it to school on Monday.

Don’t forget to talk about how much the fruit costs, how many coins you will need and let the children pay.

If you want to photograph the experience even better, we will be using the fruit to make fruit kebabs.



Homework this week is to design a teddy, you can use any materials to make a teddy bear or just colour him in.

Please remember to read your story together and draw a picture in the book.