Next Week’s Learning

Maths – In maths we will be investigating 5. What makes 5, recognising the numeral, subitising and making groups of five, counting and drawing. We will be looking for 5 in the environment and using the maths resources to identify, make and represent 5.

We will also be introducing adding and subtracting numbers 1-5 as a next step from identifying one more, one less.

Phonics – Our phonics sounds this week will be j,v,y,w. We will practise reading and writing these on their own and in CVC words.

Topic – We will be focusing on the story If I built a House. We will be thinking about where we live and how we could design our own houses.

P.E. – We will continue our focus on ball skills, building our confidence and skills with throwing and catching different sized balls. We will be practising spatial awareness and gross motor skills as we move around the hall in different ways. We are working on our active listening skills and following instructions.

Next Week’s Learning


Next week it will be all about Christmas!

We will be reading different Kipper stories and talking about how we celebrate Christmas.

Image result for kippers christmas eveIn maths we will be focussing on numbers to 10, singing number songs and having a go at ordering numbers.

Children will be able to make Christmas cards and have a go at writing their name and the names of their friends.


Next week’s Learning

Next week in topic our story is Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. We are focussing on rhyming words and thinking about what will happen next in the story.

In maths we are making patterns in different ways, we will be making paper chains, using bricks to make coloured patterns and printing using sponges to make a sequence pattern.

We will be practicing writing our names and making Christmas cards for our friends and families.


This Week’s Learning

The children have enjoyed the Snowy Night story with Percy. We have been talking about animals that hibernate and we know this means they will eat lots of food and sleep till Spring.

We have been counting and matching numbers to the correct amount.

The children enjoyed measuring out the play dough ingredients and we made chocolate play dough  so we could make cakes for Percy and all the animals.

Next Week’s Learning

Next week we will be performing our Nativity. We will be talking about Christmas and why we celebrate.

Our story is The snowy night about a little hedgehog who wakes up very cold and needs help to keep warm.

In maths we are exploring shapes and introducing 3D shapes, we are making a shape table with real objects, please bring in anything you can share.

The children are still enjoying making models and talking about what they have made, we will start to make our Cards and decorations this week.


Next Week’s Learning

Next week our story will be Percy the Park Keeper and the snowy night

In maths we are continuing to use numbers to 5, putting them in order and matching the right amount to the number.

The children have decided we need to change our supermarket and we now have a toy shop.