This Week’s Learning

Thank you so much to all the parents that came to the Come and Be Nosy session, the children really enjoyed showing all the resources and activities related to maths.

We also had lots of fun making part, part, whole model machines, using fruit, bricks and even ourselves. You can watch the fruit salad machine episode from number blocks on Youtube.

Thank you for all the fantastic show and tell objects from home, we have learnt so much from each other about planets, the solar system, telescopes, how we get to the moon and what astronauts wear. Fantastic knowledge and understanding!

In PE we were really good at following instructions to make sure we used the equipment safely. We learnt how to climb up and jump down from the horse, you must land on two feet and bend your knees.

This Week’s Learning

Maths – This week we continued our exploration of shapes and patterns. We have been learning to recognise more complex patterns and have practised copying, continuing and creating patterns. We also played detective and found errors in patterns and practised correcting these.

Topic – It has been a busy week for Topic this week

On Monday we made lots of different poppies for Remembrance Day. We made playdough poppies, paper poppies and colouring poppies. We talked about the significance of the poppy on Remembrance Day and observed two minutes silence.

On Tuesday we held our Odd Socks Day for Anti-bullying week. We discussed why we were wearing Odd Socks and explored different feelings and actions around bullying. Our text for this week was Something New, which was all about being friends and celebrating differences.

In R.E we looked at Eid as part of our Festivals and Celebrations unit, and we continue to practise our Nativity play ready for our performance.

P.E – We enjoyed another session of Yoga this week, working on our balance, spatial awareness and core strength. We had lots of fun interpreting the moves.

This Week’s Learning

This week in Maths the children investigated the number 4. We practised our counting, identified the numeral and groups of 4 in the environment, one more, one less. We learnt how 4 can be represented and practised explaining our thinking to our peers.

Ask the children to tell you what they know about 4.

In Phonics we have looked at the phonemes l, h, sh and r. We have practised our letter formation, phoneme recognition, blending using these sounds and had a go at writing some words using the phonemes we have learnt so far.

In Topic this week we looked at the story Peace at Last. In the story Daddy Bear is trying to sleep but as he moves from room to room different noises keep him from getting to sleep. He finally gets back to his room and off to sleep in peace when the alarm wakes him up! We have practised retelling the story, identifying the characters and retelling the story in sequence, testing out our acting skills to support us.

Additionally we have been doing an Autumn investigation, exploring objects we had found in nature. We have had the investigation table out all week and have been enjoying getting a closer look at things through the magnifying glasses at leaves, twigs, conkers etc. We even cut open a pumpkin!

Ask the children what they discovered.

In P.E this week we have continued to practise spatial awareness, following directions, and moving in different ways. We have now become more confident with our ball skills and can know roll, throw and catch with greater accuracy.

This Week’s Learning

The children have been getting into the Christmas spirit, we have enjoyed our stick man story and used sticks to make different things. We have been mark making with sticks in sand and paint, we made a Christmas tree and a walking stick!

Our favourite time this week was when all our parents came to help with crafts.

This Week’s Learning


This week the children have been amazing at rehearsals, learning our songs and actions for the performance. We have acted out our story as a group and have learnt about hibernation. The hedgehog went to sleep for a long time.

The children have continued to enjoy the toyshop and developed some ideas linked to superheroes, we have made a den, superhero badges,masks and wristbands.

. Johnny wrote a Superhero mission.


In maths we have been talking about different shapes and using 3D shapes to make towers.

We are also encouraging the children to do up their own coats!

 Keep trying!


This Week’s Learning

This week we have been learning about penguins and finding out interesting facts.

Emperor Penguins live in the snow and ice in Antarctica, they can  jump really high to get out of the water and they are just over a metre tall. As tall as a nursery child.

In PE we made an obstacle course and the children were able to move in different ways, climbing, crawling and jumping.

We also moved our creative area and gave the children the opportunity to make their own models using all the resources. Some children have really enjoyed accessing this area.