This Week’s Learning

This week we have been talking about being kind and respectful. The children were fantastic in assembly and sat really well, some children even put their hand up to answer questions. Our story The Helpful Hedgehog supported us to talk about how it is nice to have a friend and be kind.

We have been learning about shapes and introducing some new shapes such as oval and hexagon.

Frankie requested the fire-fighters equipment for outside and the children have had fun going “To the rescue”

Adam has been really interested in making different tracks with the trains and we will continue this next week.

We all enjoyed being in school with our spotty socks and Pudsey Bear joined us for PE in the hall.

Pudsey bounced on the parachute!

Pudsey taught us his dance moves!


This Week’s Learning


This week we have enjoyed learning about Handa and all her fruits.

Thank you to everyone who brought fruit to school the children were fantastic and chopping everything up and making fruit kebabs.

We have talked about where Handa lives and how Africa is hot and England is cold. We discussed what clothes we need to wear when we go outside.

We also enjoyed dancing to African drumming in PE.

This week’s learning

This week has been very busy, the children have enjoyed going on lots of bear hunts in the garden. We have talked about different bears and where they live.


Swirling Whirling Snowstorm          Squelch Squelch in the think oozy mud

We went on a sound walk around the school. we could hear cars, aeroplanes, water dripping and even Mr O’Reilly snipping with his secateurs.

We have been using different painting techniques to make the scenes for our story board.

Squelch Squelch Squelch

We have also been exploring magnets and different materials.


This Week’s Learning

This week has been great fun!

The children have all enjoyed going to the moon and having a picnic. They have liked making rockets out of cardboard boxes and it was very funny when Logan got stuck in a box and then Miss Maxey got stuck in a box!

In maths we have been sorting by colour and lining up different objects.

We have also been matching the correct amount to the number.


This Week’s Learning

This week we have enjoyed our story Guess How Much I Love You. We have all shared how much we love our families, friends, teddies and going to the park. The children have retold the story using our props and have drawn their own pictures about the story.

In maths we have been making lots of patterns using coloured blocks, buttons, shapes and printing using cotton reels. We have used the shapes on the light box to make patterns.


We used our hare from the story to introduce positional language. We played the hare on the chair!


Then we went in the garden and talked about where we were.

Charlie is at the top of the slide and Emily is at the bottom.

We are continuing to write our own names everyday and the children are working on their pencil grip and control.


This Week’s Learning


The children have really had lots of fun with Mr Wolf this week.

Mr Wolf came to read a story.

Peggy made chocolate play dough. Mr Wolf likes chocolate cakes!

In maths we have been singing our days of the week song, and talking about our daily routines. We introduced clocks and time by playing What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

The children have been talking a lot about fire fighters. So we made our house into a fire station.